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Why should we pray?

Prayer brings peace and harmony * Praying is communicating with the Creator of heaven and earth * Prayer is for any times by anybody * Praying is listening with your heart *  Praying is talking *  Prayer is asking * Prayer can be simple * Prayer intercepts evil * Praying brings unity * Praying helps change the world for the better * Prayer brings relief * Prayer doesn’t equal piety *Prayer keeps you honest *Prayer effects change * Prayer opens your eyes * Prayer can be sung *Prayer is honoring God * Praying can be done together or alone * Prayer can be written * Prayer can be sung  * Prayer can be repeated * Prayer can make you dance * Prayer can lift you up * Prayers can be painted * Prayer can be proclaimed * Prayer sets you free *  Prayer gives courage * Praying gives strength * Prayer helps you organize * Praying can open doors *  Praying rejuvenates * Praying makes it better * Prayer breaks through boundaries * Praying is building bridges *  Prayer brings insight * Prayer opens the eyes of your heart * Praying is sending and receiving * Praying reveals who Jesus is * Pray as a child * Pray until you receive * Praying keeps your dream alive * Prayer shows a way * Prayer increases your sensitivity *  Prayer leads you to read the Bible * Praying gives hope * Praying will help you find your destiny * Prayer reveals God's plan * Praying is never wrong *  Prayer lets you walk on water * Praying gives protection * Prayer brings blessing * Prayer breaks every lie * Prayer brings a smile to your face * Prayer removes you from the pit * Praying makes everything possible * Praying is the best cure * By Praying God shows your path * Prayer is the great commandment * Praying makes you silent * Praying gives new energy * Praying makes you relax * Prayer calls for the Holy Spirit * Prayer requires practice and support * you need to learn to pray * Prayer is not a ritual * Praying is great * Praying helps you learn to change * Praying promotes your development * Praying every day * Praying for sleep * Praying for your brother and sister * Prayer can be a fight * Prayer lets the lame walk * Prayer lets the blind see * Prayer lets flowers bloom * Praying opens the heavens * Prayer opens the deepest pit * Praying brings people together * Praying bridges any distance * Prayer breaks through limits * Praying is talking to God * Praying does not need requirements * Prayer makes dreams come true *  Jesus was and is Praying * Prayer gives vision * Praying brings people together * Praying stop the curse * Praying keeps you awake * Prayer is ...
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