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Stories about answers to prayer.
I’ve heard several stories of people who are using the Prayer Nut during times of crisis or meditation. Some have told stories of adventures that emerged after prayer statements were held in the Prayer Nut. For example, one young woman wrote: "NEW LIFE" in her  prayer nut. One year later God gave her and her husband a beautiful son! Their lives were quite literally renewed. 

During a Christian youth conference a young girl (around 11 yr. old) came to my stand and wanted to buy a Prayer Nut; however she didn’t have enough money. When I asked her why she wanted one she answered: "So I can remember who I want to pray for". I asked her: "Do you believe that prayer can change things?" She was certain of it, so I suggested she trust God to work for a solution to her finances. As she agreed we suddenly became aware of God's presence. After a few moments she left, skipping off only to return a few hours later with a smile. She had a pocket full of coins. I was amazed and asked her how she came to all that money. "Well," she said, "after I left, I got an idea to sell some stickers which were offered during the conference. So, now I have enough pennies, dimes and quarters to buy a Prayer Nut!”

This is a wonderful example of faith, prayer and action. Of course I could have given her a Prayer Nut for free, but then we would not have experienced such a wonderful adventure. Our Father in heaven is so close and he wants to be challenged by our prayers, by children as well as by adults.
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