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Workshop about the Prayer Nut
A workshop is available explaining the different uses of the Prayer Nut and presented by an inspired and qualified (arts and crafts) teacher. The workshop will include basic teaching on prayer as well as interactive steps to prayer using the Prayer Nut. This workshop can be adjusted in content and time to meet your needs and specific situation. 
Suggested workshop format: 
1. Introduction about prayer, 2. Discovering inspiration, 3. Practicing prayer / creative processing  (arts and crafts), 4. Presentation, 5. Closing session. 
The result will be a memorable time during which our prayers come alive in unique ways, becoming precious gems as they are held in the heart of the Prayer Nut.

Terms / conditions
Age: 10 – 80 years, Groups size:  max. 15  - 20 persons,  minimum of  5 persons.
Time/ duration : to be discussed. 
Costs: Transportation, hospitality and offering.
Price of one Prayer Nut is 5 or 10 euro – depending upon size.

What can we offer you?
-	Workshop: “Prayer Nut”
-	Workshop:  “Worship and Creativity”
For more information please send us an e-mail with your requests: info@gebedsnoot.nl
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